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What to Look for When Buying a Drone

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Purchasing a drone is the coolest thing you could ever do at the moment. However, that can prove to be very challenging if you are not one hundred percent sure of what to look for before making that desired purchase. Drones comprise of different varieties from where you can take a pick. Each has its own set of set of strengths and weakness. Wrong choices would probably result in buying a drone that does not suit your preference. That means money poorly spent. To save you the trouble this is the breakdown of some of the features you need to consider before making any drone purchase.

  • The materials used during fabrication

Quality of a product matters so much to manufacturers to increase their sales margin. They never leave anything to chance. Therefore as a customer you should look for a drone that can last long. Some drones may be completely ruined in a fall, while others may remain in good shape. Low-priced drones are usually made of ordinary or ABS plastic whereas those that cost a lot more are made of fiberglass and carbon and are much better in quality and durability. However, the decision you make will depend on the budget at hand.

  • The purpose of using the drone

Different drones serve different purposes. As a consumer, you probably are looking for a photography drone or a toy drone just for the fun of flying the device. If you are looking for one that performs more than that there are varieties from where you can pick.

  • Mode of drone control

Not all drones are designed to be controlled in the same way. Some are controlled by an app on a smartphone, tablet or touchscreen computer while others by a remote control similar to one designed for a video game console. Check your desired drone’s specifications before making a purchase.

  • Experience level with drones

For starters, learning how to fly a drone can be very challenging. The learning curve is because drones have different design features.  Some have auto return/headless modes while others have advanced gyro sensors that aid in drone control. Typically, cheaper drones tend to be harder to control since they don’t have the added sensors and flight controller as the more expensive models. You should also note that drones are so lightweight that even a small wind can cause you to lose control.

  • Availability of replacement parts

Who wouldn’t want to walk to a store and find replacement parts to one’s favorite drone that got damaged? Before you make your purchase, confirm You whether the manufacturer sells spare parts for the drone or search for certified retailers. Some drones don’t use universal parts and that could be a major challenge. Essential parts of a drone include the propellers, controllers, landing gear, motors, and batteries.

  • The camera and live video

Many people like to watch video that is captured and transmitted from their drones in real time from above. This live feed can be watched on a phone or tablet. You should note that drones have different camera resolutions. A high-quality drone can record HD video and take high-resolution photos

  • Flight time and range

Flight durations have limitations from drone to drone. Some can stay aloft for 4 or 5 minutes while others as long as 15 and 25 minutes. That mostly determined by its battery size, power output, and price range. The longer the time flight, the more expensive the drone is.

Besides the flight time, you should consider the range in which you can control the drone.  Some go as far as 300 feet but vary in pricing.

Finally, before making any purchase, consider all the available options. But most of all look for a drone that fits your budget.

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